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2022 Nationals 

The Nyack Boat Club, Nyack NY, was host to this year’s Nationals.  Located an hour north of NYC, on the scenic Hudson River, Nyack is easily accessed from the NY State Thruway, bringing in boats from as far away as Michigan.  This picturesque location offers some of the most challenging sailing conditions available, and this regatta did not disappoint.

Prior to Global Warming, August in Nyack could be counted on for little wind.  This year, the wind varied from light to squall.  After Sunday, when three of the boats were hammered against the docks unexpectedly, we watched the forecasts like hawks.

Monday saw a Southerly, which is usually fairly steady, and after a slight delay, the RC sent us off on a 2 leg windward/leeward practice race to shake the road and cobwebs off, preferring to save time for the races that count.  The PRO, Bob Sengstacken, had warned the competitors to watch the current, and not crowd the starting line when it could push you over.  Sure enough, the first official race had a General Recall after the current did just that!  Folks got more conservative, and the races were on.  

In the midst of the recall, no one really noticed the storm sneaking in from behind the hill to the southwest.  First lap we started getting hit with strong gusts, and on the downwind leg, several boats lost control of their chutes and broached.  At the windward mark second time around, #1483, Debbie Does Brooklyn swamped, and had to be towed in.  The rain arrived with a squall line, providing welcome cooling despite the hazards.  After that thrashing, a couple of boats decided to sit out the second race.

Defending Champion and current class Commodore Bud Brown in Lorelei, with the Wiedeke clan crewing, took Race 1, and Greg Eiffert in borrowed Can Am Express, crewed by Doug Burtner, Thom Hering and Tom Healy, took Race 2.

Tuesday saw a Westerly, with sizable shifts.  Neil Lynch in Irish Ayes managed these skillfully, taking Race 3.  Races 4 and 5 went cleanly, with the Gorbolds in Questar taking Race 4, and Lorelei back on top in Race 5.  In both races, Robin Durrschmidt in Magic took second, and started to look like a serious contender for a Top 5 finish.  Well done!

Wednesday brought a light Northeasterly, and after sitting around at anchor for two hours, the RC decided to wait ashore.  Northeasterlies at Nyack do one of three things, randomly:  they shift hard right, hard left, or disappear altogether.  This one did the latter.  After lunch the southerly sea breeze started to fill in, and when it looked reasonably steady, we went back out to race.  The course the RC set was SE, and the wind was apparently not done shifting south, so at the start the boat was heavily favored.  Since only one boat was over early, the PRO decided to let the scene play out.  Lorelei won the Pole Position and went on to win the Race 6.  Second went to Questar, who wisely set up for a mid-line start away from the chaos.

Thursday saw the Northeasterly persist, and we got off the last 2 races.  Holes and local shifts dominated these races, and Can Am took both in hotly contested races.  Magic took another second in Race 6, with local boat and host Jon Simpson and crew in Elan third, his best finish to date!  Lorelei was second in Race 7, but it was too little too late.  With 2 wins on the final day, Greg Eiffert sealed his 5th Ensign National Championship!

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