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ECA Youth Sponsorship Program (YSP)
Effective July 16, 2023

The Ensign Class Association (ECA) in accordance with its mission “ to educate the public, and particularly the youth in sailing and sailboat racing “ has established a program aimed at reducing the financial burden incurred by qualified and dedicated youth sailors competing at regional, national or international events, or attending sailing seminars, schools or camps.

The YSP Committee shall consist of three ECA members as appointed by the Commodore at the Annual Meeting.

Sources of Funding:
* Directed Donations to the YSP.
* Funds from General Operations as granted by action of the Governing Committee.

The funds from these sources will be recorded in the YSP account and will be disbursed only after approval by the YSP Committee as directed by the Chairperson. Signatories for this account shall be the Treasurer or the Commodore. Grants from this account cannot be made in excess of the available account balance.

Grants will be awarded to help defray the expenses of youth sailors ages 6 – 24, competing at regional, national and international events, or attending sailing seminars, schools or camps.

Application Process:
The application must be made by an Ensign Class member as an individual or on behalf of an Ensign Fleet. The proposed grantee would be an individual youth sailor or an established youth sailing program.

The application shall include:
1.    Grantee’s name, address, phone number and email address,
2.    Name of recipient — a youth sailor or youth sailing program,
3.    Description of the youth sailing program/event being attended by the youth sailor.
4.    Amount of funds being requested,
5.    The youth sailing program will detail their plan for awarding the scholarship.

The grantee must agree to publicize the award in their sailing community as an “Ensign Class Association Scholarship”.

The grantee must agree to send a report to the ECA identifying the scholarship recipient, why they were chosen, explaining how they made the award public, and provide photos of the recipient and their sailing program. An accompanying thank you note from the youth recipient will be included. The grantee and youth recipient will give permission to the ECA to use the report and photos for ECA publications in print and in online media.

Administration of the Program:
The YSP Committee will review all applications for grants. The amount of funding granted will be based upon the YSP Committee’s analysis of the qualifications of the grantee and upon monies available in any given year for distribution through the program. Final Governing Committee approval shall be obtained by the YSP Committee prior to grant award.

Upon approval from the Governing Committee, a written response from the YSP Committee will be made to each applicant upon completion of consideration.

An annual report of all grants (grantee, amount requested, amount granted) awarded during the prior calendar year shall be made to the Governing Committee at the winter annual ECA membership meeting.

All Applications and inquiries should be directed to:
ECA, P.O. Box 230 La Porte, TX 77572 or

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