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Benefits of Membership in The Ensign Class Association

The Ensign Class Association:
  • Maintains an active website for its members which includes:
    • Classified Ads
    • Ensign Stories
    • Member Discussion Forum
    • For Sale Boat Listing
    • Premier Articles on:
      • Repair
      • Tips
      • Tuning
      • Sail Trim
      • Cruising
      • Rigging
      • Product Reviews
      • How To's
  • Publishes three Newsletters each year
  • Publishes an annual Yearbook
  • Helps make sure boat parts are available that meet Ensign Class specifications
  • Licenses a builder to make new Ensigns
  • Owns the hull and deck molds
  • Promotes the sport of sailing
  • Supports youth sailing through the Youth Sponsorship Program
  • Has a Ship's Store with burgees and other items available for purchase
  • Certifies new fleets
  • Maintains Regional fleet assignments
  • Helps support, organize, and promote Regional and National Regattas and Cruising Rallies
  • Maintains a uniform set of class rules to support one design racing
  • Maintains a database and history of the Ensign Class, membership and fleets
  • Owns the trademark for the Class symbol
  • Helps retain the value of your investment.

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