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New Rudder Drifts
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Well, we have a saying on our boat "Never trust the guy who knows the names of everything". 
I'm so glad Bill asked the question because I had no idea what a rudder drift was either. 
I have redone so many rudders I forget how many, and know what the pins and bolts are for but the drift was throwing me. 
Like I said in the previous comment. It still is a no if you want to do the job the right way. It sounds like a job but in the long run, you will save much time and do it right. 



Drift pins incorrect term. May use them if I have to remove the strap or shoe. Meant to say the countersunk bolts that go through the rudder shaft and secure in the rudder with a washer and nut. There are 4 bolts that go through my rudder shaft to attach the rudder. Can I reattach the rudder to the rudder shaft with the 4 bolts, without removing the strap and shoe?

I'm gonna bite here, possibly on behalf of myself and others.

What in the world is a "rudder drift"?  A google search returns vector math . . .


I would say no if you want to do the job right. 


While hauling my ensign this fall, the straps on the forklift broke my rudder from the shaft snapping 3 of the 4 drifts. I have removed the rudder since. While the rudder shaft is in place, is it possible to place the new drifts and secure it to the rudder without removing the strap and shoe?

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