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Rudder Dimensions
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Good morning,

I have an ensign on a trailer looking for a new fleet.
Ensign is free 
Trailer I’d like to get $ 500
Contact me 1 401.499.9824

Only issue is I live on Block Island.

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Thanks Bob.


I’m planning on using a single piece of Coosa Board (1.5”) sanded down to the desired thickness. Will probably use 4 threaded rods welded onto a stainless shaft. Want to use threaded rods as I think it will help with the bonding of the epoxy in the holes. Then some glass and paint over the Coosa.


I am trying to build a small fleet of boats for my Yacht Club’s sailing programs. (Junior and Adult). I have 2 boats right now. Currently looking for a 3rd candidate. The Coosa is a little expensive but I plan on building at least 2 rudders. All of the boats I have looked at to re-build have rudder issues. The Coosa is non-absorbent, lightweight, dense and very strong. It takes epoxy, paint and fiberglass very well. Easy to cut and sand.


I’ll let you know how it goes!


FYI: Ensign Spars stepped up and made me a nice rudder last summer fairly quickly. I was pressed for time and needed one ASAP.


Bob Panico      


Very well done Bob! Thanks for sharing this with the Ensign community. I think anyone planning to build a new rudder will find reading your detailed six part series well worth their time.

Pete Kogut

Past ECA Commodore

I have finished my blog regarding my rudder build. You can find all 6 parts here. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Bob,

Yes I do but time got away from me. I finished it up in the spring and I had a blast this summer sailing. I'll update my posts tonight so you can see how the story ends.


Good stuff. I think the middle dimension is what I was missing (a piece fell off right about there.

Do you have the rest of the build? Would like to see how you completed it.

Bob P.

Hi Bob,

I did a complete rudder build and I can measure anything that you would like. I have my cutout in my shop. I did make a blog with my progress. Here is a link to the post where I had some dimensions. Let me know what you need and I'll go measure.

Does anyone have the drawings - with dimensions for the rudder?

I've looked in the Library and related sketches and do not see it it.

Thanks, Bob

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