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Partnership Agreements
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Hi Robin

Thanks for suggestion on Gowrie. While they said a partnership agreement is something for lawyers, I did decide to buy boat insurance through them. Sarah (who does one-design) was responsive to work with. For reference, annual policy cost $236 for $1m liability and $7500 boat damage. Seemed reasonable to me.


You may want to ask the Gowrie Insurance group. At one point in time I did a Ensign charter boat (I owned the boat and chartered to another person). Gowrie was great to work with and helped me sort out how the liability worked with the charter agreement.

Partnership is a different agreement than what I did but they will likely be able to tell you what you need from a liability and insurance perspective - am sure they have many other customers with partnership agreements and can provide some advice.



I am looking for most common general terms of a boat partnership agreement. I searched the Forum but nothing popped up.

Of most interest is wording associated with liability and damages terms between partners.

thanks for help


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