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Spreader Length
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In my opinion, removing a fraction of an inch to achieve absolute minimum spreader length is of little consequence to Ensign performance. Much more important is the constant tending of trim as loads change on Dacron sails due to changes in the wind velocity and wave conditions.

There is a limit to side loading of the low aspect ratio Ensign keel, with the result being ever increasing induced drag under the keel as the sails are trimmed ever closer to centerline.

In other words, keep the flow around the keel happy by keeping the boat rolling along. Water is heavy, and you don't want the boat's energy being spent swirling water under the keel. 'Coasting' or 'scalloping' to weather is fine, but sustained high pointing attempts through tight leeches and narrow sheeting angles is a long term loser, in my experience.

My two cents... received for free... actual value is TBD.

Best regards,

Bud Brown
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30 inches 

The current specs for spreader length are 26.75" shroud groove tip to butt - I was told that this was shortened from the original Alberg design at some point. Can anyone tell me what the old length was? I don't know if mine have been cut down or not, they are a fraction of an inch over the minimum and I can't see that trimming them a bit more would help that much, unless they are stock and it turns out that yes, it will help even though I think it won't.

Thank you.

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