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Spin Twings
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#2032 came with 1 ½ inch SS rings secured in the fork of the aft turnbuckles to secure the spin twings.


Vic Roberts


Agree with lashing blocks to the aft lower shroud base. I made a small spectra loop and just put it in the fork of the turn buckle before the clevis pin goes in. Loop is 1/8 spectra and pretty small so I stitched it with waxed twine as I had trouble getting good splice that small. It's pretty low load so any kind of line  should work

Jonathan, what type of block/cleat combination do you use? I'm looking into this but I am having difficulty finding a block and cleat combo that would fit.

You can save a hole in the deck if you shackle or lash the block to the aft lower.  Also strongly recommend using Holt Allen mini snatch blocks for the attachment to the spin sheets.  They snap on and off, so don't have to be permanently attached.

Jon Simpson


My tuning block for the Twings are directly aft of the aft most shroud on each side and just inside the toe rail on the deck. They are through bolted in the deck. The jam cleats are on the edge of the cabin top and are also through bolted.

At one point I had the jam cleat screwed into the wide forward part of the combing but found that the wood screws did not hold over time...through bolting is the way to go.

Good luck!


Quick question for everyone, how do you have your spin twings run? I'm in the process of getting my boat re-setup to run a spinnaker but don't have any reference material on how or where to run the twings. Thanks for the help!

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