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Cunningham blocks
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#1029 - the other woman's Cunningham set up.


John E. Cutler

Past Commodore Ensign Class Association

#1029 - the other woman

I will post photos of #1029’s Cunningham set up tomorrow.




John and Paula Cutler 



I don’t know if this helps at all, but the drawing doesn’t make sense to me either.


There is no becket on the 396:




I think Harken could have added a more detail to their Cunningham suggestion.


Vic Roberts





I'm looking at the Harken webpage for Ensign Deck Layout at the Cunningham configuration. I'm also looking at pictures of the two Harken blocks, 348 and 396. I'm unclear how the becket is routed on the 396. Does a line go around both sides of the mainsail and boom? I can't even figure out the becket location on the 396 block. Sorry, I'm new to using blocks.

Also, how much line do you think I would need for this control?

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