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Seeking Ensign Emblems
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I too am in search of replacement coaming board emblems. Is there any update on sourcing them?

Many thanks,


Houstoun G. Waring

Ensign 1524, "Sazerac"

Dallas, Texas

Any news yet on the cost and availability of the coaming logos?

I see Ensign Spars has put their mast boot up on their website. My mast has the vang attachment on the mast right at deck level so a boot won't work for me.



Go Bob!



John E. Cutler

Commodore Ensign Class Association

#1029 - the other woman

Ensign Spars have just meet with the bronze foundry and will know next week on how much coaming logos and builders plates are going to cost stay tune to our website if you are interested

OK Folks...

I cannot give a definite date of delivery, but I know for a fact that this item and the mast boot are on the radar screen for the new owners of Ensign Spars.

I will be talking to them soon, and I will bring this up, unless they themselves respond here on the forum.

It's fabulous that so many folks are fixing up Ensigns. We have a number of Before/After restoration stories coming that are to be presented on the ECA website.

Hang in there and keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Bud Brown

ECA Commodore

281.468.6909 cell and text
410.489.5426 home and office

I purchased a set from Zeke about 18 years ago.   I believe the supply eventually ran out without a replacement supplier to Ensign Spars.   


Jody Graul



Nahant, MA 


I would want a couple as well!


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

If anyone figures out how to produce two of these please let me know.

Jim Harris
Ensign #1068

I have a shop drawing from Pearson Yacht of the emblem that was on the coamings.

See attached:

I would assume our Ensign Class Association owns the rights. Would also guess Ensign Spars has the license right to reproduce the badge through 3rd party vendors.


Bristol Bronze had bronze molds but I think they are out of business.  Bill Murphy from Tom's River, NJ had a set of stainless steel ones made by some guy in PA.  I think he told me they were about $700


Great idea! I'm interested as well should something like this come to pass. Please keep me in mind.


Jim Harris
Ensign #1068

Good afternoon, Hans.

Unfortunately I cannot help with your search- the badges were long gone by the time I became the newest caretaker of #1177- but your recent post reminded me of an idea I've been thinking about a lot during my current maintenance projects.

If you have the badges off the coaming boards now, and if the complete yet deteriorating one is in sufficient enough shape, I was wondering if you might have the means to lay it face down on a copier or scanner so that a digital copy could be shared?

I don't have any experience with 3D printing but I'm certain there's an outfit out there that could reproduce these in any color you want if you could live with a plastic copy. But for selfish reasons, I'd love to have a perfect head-on copy so that I could digitize the design for use in other projects (I'm thinking fleet t-shirts, embroidery work, etc). Such a cool piece of artwork from a bygone era when boat builders would put some thought and work into the creative side of production.

Thanks in advance

Looking for replacement metal Ensign emblems (2). Fixing up #1687. One is broken and other badly corroded. Unfortunately those listed on 3/17 already gone. Thanks for any leads.

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