Region 5 is characterized as the Great Lakes, south to include the states of Kentucky and Missouri, and west to the Mississippi River.

The Regional Commander is Travis Van Neste, Fleet 20, who can be reached at:

Region5{at} (Anti-Spam device: Please replace '{at}' with '@'.)

Region 5 includes the following fleets:


Fleet Fleet Location Fleet Captain
12 Menominee, MI Bryan Flynn
20 Wayzata, MN Andy Larson
23 Canandaigua, NY Pete Kogut
29 Cleveland, OH Nick Lubar
31 Cedarville, MI Kip Horsburgh Dave Parlin
35 Marquette, MI Carrie Irish
43 Mentor, OH Jon Ogborn
50 Holland, MI Stephen Jessup
70 Pentwater, MI Andy Noble
80 Chautauqua, NY Sam Levine