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Published: Tuesday, 16 September 2014 18:06

The Ensign Hall of Fame serves to recognize and perpetuate in its archives a noteworthy piece of Ensign
Class folklore. Each inductee will be announced at the Annual Winter Meeting and inducted into the ECA
Hall of Fame. A brief write up will be included in the Yearbook and History Page of the ECA Website
supporting each induction. There are four categories of selection:


Selection Process:

Hall of Fame candidates will be submitted by individual members or by local fleets. A written description of
each candidate (for purpose of consideration) will be submitted in a timely manner for review to the Hall of
Fame Selection Committee as appointed by the ECA Commodore.

Selection Guidelines:

An ECA member can recommend any ECA member, Ensign, Fleet or ECA Event with a written explanation
of why the candidate should be inducted. Selection will be based on, but not limited to, the legitimacy
and presentation of the noteworthy candidate. Candidates’ recommendations can be retroactive as far
back as 1960 to the present. The level of importance to the ECA, the rarity of the candidate, and how the
recommendation is presented shall constitute the validity of the potential inductee. Candidates submitted
by a Fleet will have preferred status for induction into the Hall of Fame over an individually submitted
candidate. The Selection Committee will review and submit their recommendations to the ECA Governing
Board for approval. Up to 5 inductees can be inducted annually.


2008 Hall of Fame Inductees

Carl Alberg

The Swedish-born naval architect who designed the Ensign for Pearson Yachts in the early 1960’s. He
sought to modify his earlier Pearson Electra cruiser to make it day sailer. “We determined that a large
cockpit would be essential for both racing and day sailing,” he wrote, “as would a small cuddy for locking
up sails and gear.”
Some 10,000 boats have been built to 56 designs credited to Alberg.

Everett Pearson

In the early 1960’s, he sponsored the design of the Ensign (originally calling it “ Electra Day Sailer”).
His Rhode Island-based firm, Pearson Yachts, was the only builder of the boat from 1962 through 1983, construction 1,775 ensigns before ceasing production and making it the largest class, by far, of fullkeeled,
one-design sailboats in the United States. (Production was resumed in 2001 by ensign Spars Inc.
of Dunedin, Florida.)

John M. O’Connell

He was one of the half dozen people who, in 1962 at Rye, New York, chose the name “Ensign”. founded the Ensign Class Association, drafted class rules and established Fleet 1 in nearby Larchmont. He became that year the first Ensign National Champion. In 1973, he founded Ensign Fleet 64 in on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, and in 1990 he was the prime mover and leader in that fleet’s hosting of the 29th annual Ensign National Championship Regatta.

Dean Snider
Dean has been Class Commodore, National Champion a record four times, and has been active in class
affairs for the better part of four decades. He has served as Committee Chairman and has been involved
in all major changes in class sails designs, standards, and rules. Dean was active in the work to begin
construction of new Ensigns.

Charlie Sligh
“Mr. Ensign” himself, Charlie has been Class Commodore, has skippered SEA III for more than 40 years,
and has sailed in over 30 National championships. Charlie has been the winner of numerous Regional
Championships, placed third in a National Championship, and was the first recipient of the Sligh Trophy
– named in his honor, and awarded for outstanding service to the Ensign Class. He was very active in
Class leadership and participated in all major decisions and changes in class rules, has served on the
committee for the building of new Ensigns. At age 80, Charlie raced in a Regional Championship Regatta
with four generations of Slighs on SEA III.

Nina Yuyosovich
Nina was the first woman to skipper in a National Championship.

Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly led the fight with the Internal Revenue Service to obtain our 501-3-C status, which allows
donations to the class on a tax-free basis. He and Dick Torpey carried the load for the project, which gave
the Class the money to move and repair the Ensign molds and begin building new boats. Jim was one of
the leaders of the new boat project, and also served as a sparkplug in the growth if Fleet #7 to become one of the largest and most active fleets in the class.

Clark Thompson

First back to back National Champion 1975 -1976 of Houston Yacht Club Fleet 2. Clark was the first to take
4 first places in a National Championship regatta. He later went on to win the Champion of Champions

Dick Torpey

First Person to make a trifecta in Ensign Awards. Won the 2002 National Championship, 1989 the first
Most Beautiful Ensign Award, and was the recipient of the Sligh III Award. Dick was the Commodore
of the ECA from 1991-1992, served on the Governing Board for 2 terms and provided expert advice on
the establishment of our 501-C3 classification. Through the years Dick has been the ECA’s official and
unofficial legal department.

Zeke Durica

Builder of the New Ensign Classics. Zeke has made many contributions to the ECA but most well known is
starting Ensign Spars Inc and the rebirth of the Ensign Daysailer. Other accomplishments are 12 years on
the Governing Board, Commodore 1997-1998. He was dubbed the idea man and credited for bringing the
Class from the 60’s to the 90’s. He started the Most Beautiful Ensign Award, founded fleet 69 of Dunedin,
main host of the Mid-Winter Championship, the Sailpatch program, Boat Brokerage, promoted the first ECA
web site and played an important roll in securing the Pearson molds. One other fact Zeke is very proud of
is he has personally owned and sold over 53 Ensign Sailboats.

Sea III #3

The oldest Ensign still actively racing. Owned by Charlie Sligh 3rd, of Holland Michigan, Sea III has sailed
in more National Championship Regattas then any then Ensign.

Irish Mist #710
First boat to win “The Most Beautiful Ensign” Award, and still one of the most beautiful boats in the Ensign
Class. Owned by Dick Torpey this lovely boat has won the National Championship Regatta twice.

Lady L #2000

Owned by Ken Horsburgh First of the new Ensign Classics.

Dawn #2012

Owned by Takehiko Tsutsumi Most distant Ensign. Home port Kamacura Japan. Ensign that survived the
March 11, 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident in Japan.

Yardsale #635

Owned by Phil Robinson Lake Dillon Colorado 1994 while skippered by Ralph Stevenson at the Jibe
leeward mark main failed to release swamped and sank full sails never to be seen again.

Fleet 1
The first fleet of the newly founded Ensign Class Association. Larchmont , New York

Fleet 61
The highest elevation Ensign Fleet at 9,200 feet. Dillon, Colorado

Fleet 23
Hosted the largest National Championship Regatta ever in August, 2000. Canandaigua, New York.


1979 Nationals Holland Michigan

These Nationals were probably the most adverse weather conditions of any Nationals maybe any Ensign
race. The Fastnet Storm’s of 79 that created the worst sailing tragedy, originated in the Mid West U.S.
This created wind speeds of 35 kts gusts up to 48 kts. The seas were measured from 12 ft. to 15 ft. with
an occasional 20 footer. Water temperature was in the 40’s with bottom water of Lake Michigan being
churned up to the surface. Four boats were swamped, four masts were lost by shear wind strength, gear
damage was prevalent, but there were no fatalities. Races were sailed with most boats using full sails.
David McClintock won the series with 5 bullets and sat out the last race as a throw out in light air.


2009 Hall of Fame Inductees

William (Bill) Faget

Winner of three straight National Championships, after suffering a stroke, he won his fourth National
Championship with the help of his son, Benz. Bill skippered the first three races, and when his strength
gave out, he turned the tiller over to Benz to finish the regatta. Bill was noted for being generous with his
knowledge about preparing an Ensign to sail FAST. He was always willing to share information with new
sailors and did so with a dry wit and rare sense of humor. For many years he held Fleet 18 together and
actively supported and participated in the Southwest Region.

Ken Horsburgh

The first to purchase a New Ensign Classic 2000. Ken had many firsts and many contributions to his local
Fleet 31 of Cedarville Michigan God’s Country as Ken would say. He organized the founding and building
of Fleet 31 which is the largest Ensign Fleet by far of over 73 boats. He was truly the ultimate shaker and
mover and Ensign enthusiast. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for the Ensign. He would commonly
own 3 Ensigns at any one time.


Warlock #308

This Ensign is a much decorated yacht with three National Championship titles in succession. Warlock was
owned by William Faget and now is owned by his son Benz. It has won countless local and regional events
and was always recognizable with its victory flag flown at night to keep evil away.

2010 Hall of Fame Inductees

Charlie Shoemaker

Charlie has an outstanding record of participation and performance in Ensign Nationals. Since 1972, he
has raced in 33 Nationals in 16 locations and has won the regatta three times, placed 2nd five times, 3rd
four times, 4th once and 5th three times. He still races in his home fleet in Newport, RI and has participated very successfully in many Region II Regattas. He has been Treasurer and Commodore of the ECA, has attended many Annual Meetings and was on the committee that developed the upper shroud above the spreader to deal with the “noodle mast” problem. Although Dean Snider (24 Nationals) and Charlie Sligh (26 Nationals)are almost in Charlie’s class, they are both already in the HOF.

Elizabeth Brincklow

Elizabeth Brincklow is the first woman Commodore of the Ensign Class Association and is the first secondhalf
of a couple to achieve the office of Commodore. She served as Commodore in 2005-2006, prior to
serving as Secretary and Vice Commodore of Regional Affairs. Elizabeth proposed and implemented
the ECA Youth Sponsorship Program, strengthening the 501C-3 /status of the Class, and oversaw the
implementation of minimum boat weights and the inclusion of the roller-furling sail. Since joining the ECA in
1983, she has attended numerous Annual Meetings, and has raced foredeck with husband Zeke Durica in a
plethora of ECA regional and National events, crewing on the winning boat in the 2010 Nationals. Elizabeth
races in her home fleet in Dunedin, Fl, where she annually assists in the Midwinter Regatta organization.
She was the muse for beginning Ensign Spars, Inc.


2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

Benz Faget
Most Nationals won either Crewed or Skippered. Benz has crewed on the winning boat or skippered the winning boat twelve times. He has sailed Ensigns all his life after he was taught on the family Ensign #308 Warlock. Benz has been associated with many tales and stories revolving around the Ensign through the years.

Bill O’Hara
Father of the Sustained Giving Program for “Ensigns Forever”, Bill began the program for annual donations through the class tax-free status as a 501-(C)(3) organization. His goal was that the funds from this program be used to promote the class and provide assistance to the building of new Ensigns. He worked with Zeke Durica, Jim Kelly, and Dick Torpey to bring about the building of new Ensigns by Ensign Spars, Inc. He served as Commodore in 1999-2000, and Vice-Commodore, Publicity, prior to that. His mandate was that all class officers consider their office as a “Working Position” rather than just an “honorary” one. With this in mind, he worked with many others to revitalize national membership, and as a member of Fleet 23, achieved the largest National Championship Regatta in Class history.


Money Penny #2007
Money Penny was the first Ensign Classic to win the National Championship.

Warlock #308
This Ensign is a much decorated yacht with three National Championship titles in succession. Warlock was
owned by William Faget and now is owned by his son Benz. It has won countless local and regional events
and was always recognizable with its victory flag flown at night to keep evil away.


2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Fleet 63
Hosting the most National Championship Regattas . Hosted in 1983, 1987, 1995, 2002, 2007, and 2013. They also have contributed two National Commodores and three National Champions.

Linda Petrat
The longest known distance traveled in an Ensign. Sailed from Kittery, Maine to Sarasota, Florida, unofficially over 1600 miles. Departed Oct. 1, 2011 and reached Sarasota on Jan. 18, 2012 in #544 Summer Wind.

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