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Fleet 16 Rogue Division Announces the First Annual...
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Yes, there will be t-shirts.

Katherine Howe

Hurrah! Challenge accepted! IF sails out of Salem harbor (though she is eight years in on the MHD harbor wait list), which is why the First Annual Picnic Boat Regatta is planned as more of a raft-up at Misery Island than a regatta per se. But it will be fun to see two Ensigns converge in one place.

And more fun with more Ensigns. AYALA, what say you? The oldest Ensign in Marblehead has thrown down the gauntlet!

Katherine Howe

I go out from the Dolphin Yacht Club on Lee Street and Allerto
can we meet there?

In honor of the Ensign's proud history as a family day-sailer, Fleet 16 (Marblehead, Mass) Rogue Division announces the first annual Picnic Boat Regatta.

Race will be held the first perfect sunny sailing Saturday afternoon in July, with winds no greater than 15 knots.

Sailing instructions:

1. There will be two classes: cruising (non-spinnaker) and racing (spinnaker).

2. There will be no guns.

3. Race will begin with each participant leaving the mooring in Salem or Marblehead harbor on or about noon, GPS or cell phone time.

4. Marks will be:

a) Childrens' Island (leave to starboard)
b) Great Misery Island mooring field (tie up)
c) picnic and swim (twice around the rafted boats)
d) finish at the mouth of either Marblehead or Salem harbor by dusk.

Prizes will be given in both classes for:
1) Most fun had
2) Best potato salad
3) Fanciest beer
4) Most innovative beer cooling method 

Registration is free. This is the perfect regatta for Ensign sailors who have never raced before, don't intend to start racing, or want to take down the Rogue Division with water cannons.

More information, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities:

Katherine Howe



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