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I go t from the Dolphin Yacht Club on Allerton,
can we me there?

Hi William,

I'm also in Fleet 16. When I first got IF (which is 55 years old) the wood looked pretty grim. I wound up paying someone to varnish it for me, and it's held up nicely for about four years. The varnish is starting to peel up in a few places, but not too badly. One way to protect the wood is to have a full cockpit cover, rather than just a sail cover - that keeps the wood out of the worst of the sun and weather.

I have IF maintained at Hawthorne Cove Marina in Salem. They will check rigging, winterize outboards, paint bottoms, and so far I have found their prices no more appalling than any place else. Plus they offer winter storage, and summer storage for trailers. They have replaced several cleats that were about to dissolve from old age, and they replaced my standing rigging this past year. If you are looking for a boat yard that is dealing with another, much older, Ensign, check them out.

Katherine Howe

Good morning Ensign Sailors,

I've decided not to seal the teak sole in Aura, but have put Starbright teak oil on the sole and it looks wonderful

my Hull# isENC02011505

Happy Sailing
Stuart Westland

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