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How to Set Up Forum Handles
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Some ECA members use a nickname that is different than their legal names. My name is Victor Roberts, but I go by Vic Roberts. The person we all know as Zeke Durica is formally known as John N Durica.

If you joined the ECA using your legal name, as I did, the website, by default, will use your legal name in the From field when you post forum messages. If you would prefer that forum messages posted by you be identified with your nickname instead of your legal name, follow the instructions below:

1) Log into your account on the ECA website.

2) Place your mouse near your name at the upper right, and click on Profile.

3) In the Forums box at the lower left of your Profile page, click on General Forum Preferences.

4) Scroll down to the Identification section and put the name you want to use in the forums into the Forum Handle box.

5) Make sure that the box in front of “Display my full name with my messages” is UNCHECKED. If this box is checked, it will override the Forum Handle option in copies of your posts sent by email.

6) Click on the box in front of the message: “Check this box to apply these identification options to all my forums” to apply the changes to all of your forums. Or, you can leave that box unchecked and set up different handles in each of your forums.

7) Click on SAVE.

Vic Roberts
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