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Flotation materials
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Thanks for the advice, Chris.  I ended up using 1-inch foam board from Lowes.  2 sheets for $30 did under one bunk with about a third of a sheet left over.  The 1-inch was good because you can score it easily with a box cutter and break it off and it’s a little bit flexible.  Best of luck with your restoration.


Bob Stolze


I used this in my restoration:

I used the 2lb version.

It's trickier to work with than 'block' foam, but good for filling odd spaces.
I am a new Ensign owner, getting ready to launch.  What is a good type of foam to fill one of the compartments under a bunk?  I'm thinking about getting some foam board from a building materials store and cutting it into strips of varying sizes to fill  the space.  I like the idea of being able to take it out some time and put it back in again.

Am I missing anything here?  Is any closed-cell foam ok?  If it is, any particular brands or types that have worked for people?

Thanks much
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