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When it comes to classifieds, I am not personally interested in reading all the replies.
My vote is to leave it like it is. If someone wants to reply so that everyone sees it, they can reply from the website like I am doing with this message.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Pete Kogut

I responded to the forum message about winches posted today by Stephen & Wendi Heinzelman.  As soon as I did, I realized that due to the way I had configured the Classifieds forum, replies go only to the original poster when people reply by email, and it is very hard to send the reply back to the forum so everyone can read the reply.  


My intention when I configured the Classifieds forum this way was to enable replies to be sent to either the Forum or the original poster.  If the reply is posted on the website, it is easy to choose to send it to either the forum or only to the original poster, but not when the reply is sent by email.


Do forum members want me to reconfigure the Classifieds forum so it behaves like the General Sailing forum, and replies are sent back to the forum so all forum members can read the replies?  Or, do you prefer that I leave it as it is?


Since this question is being posted in the Classifieds forum, email replies will go only to me. You can choose to send the reply to the forum by changing the email address in the reply from mine to


Vic Roberts


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