There are several ways to use the calendar:

  • Clicking on an event will bring up the details of that event.
  • Clicking on the date with bring up a list of events for that day.
  • The month may be changed, past and future , by clicking on the 'Older' / 'Newer' arrows at the top right of the calendar.
  • If the desired date is known, the month and year may be selected from the Month and Year drop down fields in the upper left.
  • The Legend of the Calendar includes 'Categories' which when clicked, will only show events that include that category.
  • The filter above the calendar may be used to find an event.

    Filtering can occur by:
    • Name - If you know the name of the event.
    • Description - If you know the description.
    • Location - If you know the location.
    • Category - If you know at least one event category (National, Regional, Fleet, Social, Business, or actual Fleet #).
    • Tag- If you suspect you know some of the tags of the event. (Not usually entered...).

      More important to understand are the action criterion:

    • Is - If you precisely know the filter item selected (Name, Description, Location, Category, or Tag)
    • Is Not - If you know the event does not contain the entered text.
    • Contains - If you know partial information about the event. I have found this to be the most helpful action criterion, since you may know a single category that is likely attached to the event, but not all of them, as might be needed by using 'IS'.
    • Does not contain - If you know the event does not contain some piece of information.

  • By clicking on Events -->Upcoming Events, all future events will be listed in chronological order.
  • By clicking on Events -->Past Events, all past events will be listed, most recent first and most distant, last.

Entering an event into the calendar requires special permissions not available to everyone. For calendar privileges. please contact the webmaster:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (replace the '[at]' with '@' )...