In the Buy and Sell section:

Want Ads can be placed by filling out the Want-Ad Form. (A Want-Ad is a way to let others know you are in need of some item.)

A For Sale Ad is a way to place something for sale, other than an Ensign. Typical items are sails, motors, trailers, hardware etc. A For Sale Ad is placed by filling out the For Sale Form.

To list an Ensign for sale, fill out the List a Boat Form. There are a lot of fields in this form, and most of them are required. However, the data requested on the form is informative, useful, and expected by a potential buyer.

There is an opportunity to enter images on the 'For Sale' (2 images optional) and 'List a Boat' (4 images are required) forms, so that potential buyers can see what is being sold. The images are resized to uniform dimensions (200 X 200), with cropping occurring focused on the center of the submitted images. Neither portrait nor landscape images are favored, but it is important that the object being sold is near the center of each submitted image.

All ads have a submission timestamp, and automatically expire (disappear) from the listings after three months. If your item has not been sold by then, another ad will have to be placed.

All submitted ads get approved before appearing in the listings.

The 'List a Boat' form can only be used for listing Ensigns!