1. PURPOSE: The purpose of the Regional Championship Regattas of the Ensign Class Association is to determine the Regional Champion of the respective Regions and to offer an alternative method of qualifying for the National Championship Regatta.

2. ORGANIZATION: Each Regatta shall be organized and administered by a Regional Championship Committee. The Committee shall consist of the Vice Commodore-Regional Affairs, the Regional Commander and a host fleet chairperson or their delegate. The Committee shall also include at least two subcommittees or their equivalent, Judges and Race Committee.


A. Each Region shall have its own perpetual Championship trophy.

B. The perpetual trophies shall remain the property of the Association and will be awarded to the Regional Champion each year and remain in their possession until awarded to the successors.

C. The number of other trophies to be awarded at the Championship shall be left to the discretion of the host fleet.


A. The location and time of each Regional Championship Regatta can vary from region to region. The Vice Commodore-Regional Affairs, the Regional Commander, and the chairperson from a host fleet will determine the location and date of the Regatta. The announcement of each Championship shall preferably be made at the Ensign Class Association Annual Meeting.

B. The Regional Championship will be sailed in waters of a host fleet. The same location shall not be sailed in for two consecutive years.

C. The selection of a site shall be based on the ability of the host fleet to run a regatta of high quality and size to attract the largest number of entrants.


A. Each region may select the manner in which contestants are allowed to participate.

B. Contestants from fleets outside the region in which the Regional Championship is held may be invited to participate.


A. Eligibility shall be governed by Part III, Rule 6 of the National Championship Rules.

B. The Treasurer of Ensign Class Association and the Regional Commander, prior to the Regioinal Championship, shall resolve questions of membership.


A. All boats and sails must conform to Part II of the Ensign Class Association Rules. Any boat not conforming shall be disqualified.

B. The manner in which boat and sail inspection shall be conducted shall be left to the discretion of the host fleet.

C. Unless otherwise specified in the sailing instructions, there will be no restrictions on headsails and then only if it was communicated in the Notice of Race.


A. The number of races to be sailed shall be determined by the Regional Championship Committee. This includes the number of races required for a throwout, but not less than five.

B. Rules of Part III Rule 9 B, C and D are the same for the Regional Championships.


A. Courses shall be as free as possible from headlands, shoals, obstructions, aids to navigation or serious tidal currents.

B. Courses shall be windward leeward, triangular, Olympic, modified Olympic, Gold Cup, or modified Gold Cup patterns. Courses shall be laid out so as to have marks left to port if possible. Leeward starts should be avoided.

C. Ordinarily, courses shall not be less than 4 and 1/2 or more than 9 nautical miles in length.

10. SCORING: Scoring will be the same as Part III, Rule 12.

11. TIME LIMIT: The time limit will be the same as Part III, Rule 13.

12. GENERAL RULES: Part III, Rule 14 of the National Championship Rules shall govern.


Rules for conduct of the Regional Championship Regatta can be amended by five affirmative votes of the Governing Committee.

Amended February 8, 2014